356 – replica or original?

There are many visual differences between Porsche Speedsters and Replica Speedsters. Two that can be spotted immediately are: replicas have the parking brake in between the seats, Porsches’ e-brake is an umbrella handle type mounted beneath the dash; the pedals in a replica are anchored to the centre tunnel, the pedals on a Porsche come out of the front “firewall.”

There are scores of other minor differences, but overall the replica body, having been made from moulding a Porsche Speedster, is identical to an actual Porsche in shape and size.

For someone who can’t afford a real example, the replica is a great idea. It’s pretty much a brand new car that is almost an actual Porsche.

It can be a good value with Porsche looks and VW internals. By the replicas we’ve seen for sale, the look like they actually hold their value well.

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